MapPoint Spatial Data Import COM Add-in Sample

MapPoint Spatial Data Import COM Add-in Sample 1.0

It allows you to import ESRI SHAPE / MapInfo Data files into MapPoint 2002/2010
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The Spatial Data Import COM add-in allows you to import ESRI SHAPE (.shp) and MapInfo Data (.mif) files into Microsoft MapPoint 2002/2010. This add-in is provided "as is" and as an unsupported sample of a Microsoft Visual Basic application that incorporates the Microsoft MapPoint 2002/2010 object model.

The retail version of Microsoft MapPoint cannot read files that were created with high-end Geographical Information Systems (GIS), such as those produced by ESRI and MapInfo. This COM add-in was created so that users of these systems can take such files and integrate them into MapPoint. This COM add-in demonstrates the extensibility that MapPoint offers with its rich object model.

The COM add-in uses Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and the new extended MapPoint object model methods to take the native source GIS point datasets and import them as MapPoint pushpin sets. The native GIS polygons, polylines, lines, rectangles, and rounded rectangles are imported to create a layer of MapPoint drawing objects that are displayed on a MapPoint map. Through the MapPoint object model functions you can also set the line color and size, shape fill color, and even move the polygons and lines behind the MapPoint road network.

Once imported into MapPoint, the polygons can be used for visualization and spatial queries of any MapPoint data layers contained on the MapPoint map. For example, you can execute point-in-polygon queries in Visual Basic and export to Excel using the MapPoint application user interface. These can include queries of MapPoint pushpin sets or demographic or end-user data displayed in MapPoint shaded area, shaded circle, sized circle, multiple symbol, pie chart, sized pie chart, column chart, or series column chart datasets. The queries can include multiple layers of information.

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